Royal Fluff Diapers [review + giveaway]

I figured I'd begin my reviews + giveaways this week and lo and behold the first product arrived in the mail to our New York address just yesterday! Perfect timing too, because some of my purchased-second-hand diapers need elastic repair, so our stash was low.

A while back I saw Royal Fluff Diapers on Zulily (if you aren't already signed up to receive the daily deals from Zulily you should definitely get on it!)  and immediately bought 6. They were a great deal and I couldn't resist the colours. Bright yellow? Army green? BLACK!? I'm in love. I contacted the company and asked if I could get you guys in on the action and they replied just minutes later saying Yes!

But first... my review:

In all, I love them. 

The colours are incredible. They have patterns too, check out their website for the full gallery.

The sizing is perfect. They're a one-size-fits-all diaper which will carry you through from birth to potty training and more than any other diaper, I can see this happening. They run a bit larger than the Bum Genius 4.0 (my fav diaper!) so they'll carry you further. And this is a legitimate concern since Lily hasn't even begun potty training, is only in the 50th percentile for weight, and yet is already on the largest possible sizing for Bum Genius diapers and the Apple Cheeks size 2s. Size matters here!

They fit really snug to the body and I love the super soft lining. The lining is great on their skin but the best part in my books is that poop slides off of it easily (maybe because it's so soft?). Lily was wearing her Royal Fluff diaper for all of five minutes before we learned this lesson ;)

The insert hole is wayyyy at the back, which is genius! Apple Cheeks are in the middle of the diaper and Bum Genius 4.0s are towards the back, but with both diapers, when baby poops, it can get inside the envelope making clean up tough at times. The Royal Fluff insert pouch is at the furthest back point possible, making dirty diaper clean up much easier.

My only concern is that they come with just one insert. Bum Genius 4.0 diapers come with one insert (the same size as the Royal Fluff one) plus a "newborn insert" which I use alongside the main insert every time. I've been using two inserts per diaper with the Royal Fluff which is fine since I bought 6 and have other inserts laying around from two years of cloth diapering. But on the whole, I'd say one insert/diaper isn't enough. Apple Cheeks only have one insert too, but it's folded in three (6 layers in total for absorption) so it's plenty. This isn't a deal breaker though, as any cloth diapering mama will tell you, they always have random inserts laying around!

They're also a small business run by work-at-home moms, which I think is awesome.

I'm so glad I have 6 of these babies in my stash of Apple Cheeks and Bum Genius 4.0s! With an extra insert they may be my new favourite diaper. No lie. And I'm fairly opinionated about cloth diapers as you know :)

Lily's diaper here is stuffed with an added insert and still fit so nicely!

and now... the giveaway!

one of you lucky readers will get a FREE Royal Fluff diaper of your choice. And you will have a hard time choosing based on their sweet selection, believe me!

To Enter:
"Like" them on Facebook to enter and leave a comment below saying which diaper you'd choose.
For an extra entry, "Follow" them on Twitter and leave a second comment saying you did so.

I'll announce the winner on Monday morning at 8am sharp!

And even if you don't win, Royal Fluff has graciously offered all {our nest in the city} readers a little something >>>   

20% off any order with code MONTREAL20 until October 3rd.

:: Open to US and Canadian residents only ::

For more info on cloth diapering, check out my posts here
**And if you don't cloth diaper, I'd still encourage you to enter as cloth diapers make 
an amazing gift to anyone who is pregnant or already has babes :)


  1. I love the prince in blue, and I liked their page!

  2. following on twitter too! :)

  3. Anonymous14.9.12

    Hey Em!:) Love reading your cloth diaper tips! I started cloth diapering with Lilian just over a month ago and so far so good.:) I would choose either the 'Roses are pink' or the 'enchanted pink' - all my diaper stash right now is gender neutral so I think this girl could use at least one girly diaper for her little bum. ~ Alanna

    1. Alanna, I did the same when Lily was around 9 months old. I caved and bought a pink diaper! theyre just so cute!! and you know what? I still put it on Oli ;) No one has to know!

    2. Anonymous14.9.12

      Haha you are so right!Liked it on FB too:)

  4. Thanks Em. I love the majesty black. Liked them on Facebook.

  5. I know I saw these on Zulily, but had never heard of them, which always makes me nervous about ordering. Thanks for doing the review! I liked their page and honestly think I would get the cow print =) Crockett loves cows (grew up on a farm) and would get a kick out of it!

  6. Very cool! I use AMP and the snap system looks similar - but I would agree that 2 liners per diaper would be better. The way I use liners is so that I can use the cover 2 times per 1 liner (the liner goes over the cover), and I'd definitely get more use out of them with 2 liners per diaper.

    I "liked" them on Facebook!

    1. Anonymous16.9.12

      just as a heads up - I contacted a diaper company (bum genius) about using a liner against a babies still and they told me absolutely NO if it is microfibre. It hurts their skin; it takes moisture actually out of their bums :( Jus wouldn't want to see any bums getting sore!!!

    2. Anonymous16.9.12

      oops...a baby's skin

    3. Not sure who this is, but I can say that that is not the case at all with my kids. We've used cloth diapers for 2 years and never had a rash/ sore bums. It really depends on the child's skin sensitivity and allergies

  7. Okay, following on twitter too!

  8. I also followed them on Twitter!

  9. I love the Sunny Day one:) -- I liked them on facebook:)

  10. I don't use cloth diapers (but if I did I would get Sunny Day for my little girl) so instead I would get Olive One for my sister who uses cloth diapers for her little boy :)
    **Liked on Facebook and retweeted your tweet!

  11. liked on facebook - i would get enchanted black - the polka dots are too cute!

  12. majesty black. and liked on facebook!

  13. Great giveaway, Em, with another on the way and potty training not going so well I'm preparing myself to have three in cloth diapers at once! I liked them on Facebook and though it was a tough call, I'd go for the Olive Me because I'm a sucker for olive green but amazingly don't have any in my stash.

  14. Aaaand I just followed them on Twitter for my second entry chance. Whoohoo.

  15. I like the midnight or grass is greener! Actually Id be happy with any of them they are great patterns and colours! I liked them on facebook....may have to get twitter just to follow them and get entered again!

  16. I liked them on Facebook and would choose the GoldiLocks!

  17. I'm now following them on Twitter via @dotinthecity

  18. Liked on Facebook. I'd go with Grass is Greener. We don't have any of these "modern" cloth diapers, tried out using my sister in laws for a week this summer & loved them, just can't justify the cost when we have perfectly good "old school" ones that we've been gifted. If only someone would give some of this type away (wait, that's what you're doing!!) ; - )

  19. Liked on fb....I would choose midnight or Royal Purple!!

    ......and I just followed them ontwitter for a second chance to win!

  20. hey em...liked them on FB and i would choose "sunny day" :D -amanda orford


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